Friday, May 18, 2012

Story Tweaks!

Hey all,

So I've tweak the story of the game that I am finally comfortable with (though who is worrying about story in this game hehe, but I wanted to just finalize the premise of the whole thing). It is going to be in the new Kickstarter initiative link but I will post here also.

----The game of Reap! is a fast-paced Arena Arcade Action game about Reapers who have opposed Death's idea of 'stealing' souls from victims. So Death, being the classy guy he is, pits the main character named Merik on a challenge to try and take back the souls from him in the form of an arena game full of his minions. The story is a play on the saying 'Reap what you sow' though in this game you are reaping what Death 'sowed'----

Look forward to more dev updates later.

Happy Reaping!

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