Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Updates In A While? :(


Sorry for not updating the project in a while. I am making this late post because of some exciting news. The reason for no updates is that I just don't have much time anymore because of busy scheduling with life, so when I am not updating I am using the time to develop the game, don't worry.

I have a few revelations. Over the course of the development, I have realized that I could expand my audience by developing the game for multiple platforms. Unity3D allows easy porting to other platforms with just one click of the button. What I didn't reveal is that I was also testing the game for the PC/Mac over the December-January holiday period (I have awesome working controls for these versions).

Then later I made the decision that I should just develop the game completely for the PC/Mac too in addition to the iOS builds. So thats one announcement - PC/Mac versions have been in the works but under wraps :)

Also the next big news is that I have submitted the project to Kickstarter to see if I can boost my funding resources. This will help quite a lot so please pledge when the site launches. Thank you!

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