Friday, March 14, 2014

GAC (Great Animation Combos) System Released!

Hello All,

Welcome to the new year of posts.

I want to just introduce the GAC System, the universal Unity3d combo system I created to be used in your unity game projects. The asset has launched in the Asset Store this past Monday and has been a relative decent seller.  Version 1.1 is finished and will be on the store by next week. Here is the Link if interested! Remember to follow the Unity Forums thread or Twitter tag @jrDevarts for any updates or questions.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ASE 3.0 Release + Reap Update!

Hello all,

I'm back after a long stretch of no posts. I just want to give an update on the new release of ASE 3 on the Unity3D Asset Store. This update has become one of my favorite assets to speed up production of Reap! I have added a lot of new features while developing Reap! which I hope other people find helpful; quite a few of people already have given ASE 3 a go. If you hate setting animation speeds blindly, this is an asset for you.

Besides ASE 3, I have been continually working on Reap! Building levels using the amazing Rotorz Tile System. I will show them off later. I also have been recreating Reap!'s combo system to be universal across multiple projects. Look for that coming soon; it has become pretty awesome. I am finishing up some more code for the asset. It has went through an extensive gruesome 2 week bug test and it's finally over and almost ready for primetime :)

See you soon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apologies + DaW Asset Store!


Sorry for the long spread of no updates, was quite busy with project problems (I actually had to redo a lot of stuff). I realize that I am not able to update the blog as I promised, so I can't make that promise again. But I have some new info on another project I worked on while developing Reap! I have launched a new asset on the Unity3d Asset Store called DaW (Direct-a-Wave). This is an enemy wave spawning system that Reap! uses to control waves of enemies. It started off as a bare-bones system but I have put in a lot of work to make it accessible for other projects. Also I've been slowly continuing to transfer my code into uScript Visual Graphs which is another learning process that I am enjoying; its a very powerful system.

Until next time, hopefully more early than 2 months. ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JS Script Convert to uScript Visual Scripting

Hey All! Just a quick update. I'm a currently in the mode of converting my game scripts to uScript Visual Scripting Tool for Unity3D by Detox Studios. It's an awesome tool and I was always more of a visual learner. After I am finished with converting my scripts I will continue to use the tool to finish the app. This will undoubtedly speed up my production time and best of all I will be able to follow and understand my code (gameplay) much better. Here is a pic, for those who don't know what visual scripting is, to show how the code went from JS to 1 uScript node.

Until next week. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Back! and Intro to Enemy Effects

Hello all,

I've finally decided to start blogging about my project again. I am going to start updating at least once a week (I promise) and continue showing behind the scenes dev work on my app. I haven't blogged about my project in a while but I have been making changes and progress ever so often.

It's time to show off more with a concept to one of the enemies. This will also introduce the enemy types which designed to be color coded. There are five different effects of enemies. Today I will introduce the Poison/Confusion effect and the color code is Purple:

Un-Reaper: Poison Effect
This guy is the 'undead' version of the reapers. He moves quite slow but don't let his scratch get to you. It will leave you taking damage each second until you kill it.