DaW Quickstart Steps

DaW has a very simple and easy to learn workflow. To jump in immediately and start using DaW, follow these steps: 
  • Drag the DaW_Manager prefab into the scene. 
  • In the Spawn Point Name text box, provide a name for the spawn point.
  • Next select from the Spawn Point Type popup menu to create either a Random or Static spawn point.
  • Click the CREATE SPAWN POINT button and the spawn point will be created and added under Spawn Points section.

  • Next we need to add a wave, so click the ADD NEW WAVE button in the Wave Slots foldout.
  • Decide if this wave should only be triggered at certain instances by clicking the WAIT FOR TRIGGER button. Then check the API Scripting page to trigger this wave when needed.

  • After adding the wave, the Wave Settings will be available for that wave. The first setting is the Wave Type, so select between Randomized or Linear waves. Randomized has enemies randomly spawned and Linear spawns the enemies down the pool list.
  • Next select from the Wave Modes which are Eliminate and Time. Eliminate sets the wave to end when all enemies are out of play and Time ends the wave when time limit is met and all enemies are out of play.
  • Depending on the Wave Mode selected, Eliminate will have a Wave Limit to set and Time will have a Time Limit to set as previously said above.

  • Then set the Max Enemies to be allowed in played at one time.

  • The Spawn Rate is the time that enemies are spawned between each other so set that next.
  • Next is the Spawn Amount to set the amount of enemies to spawn at each spawn rate call.
  • Turning on next wave by clicking GO TO NEXT WAVE button allows to set the wave number to go to after the wave ends.
  • Now we need to add enemies, so click the ADD NEW ENEMY button of the Enemies foldout. This will show the settings that the new enemy has. 

  • The Max Enemies To Pool needs to be set to allow what amount to pool for each enemy.

  • Each enemy settings have an object field to set the Enemy prefab to use, so drag the enemy prefab you want to use into the Enemy Object field.

  • Now each Enemy slot has to have the percentage amount from the Max Enemies To Pool amount, so set the Pool Weights up as needed.

  • Continue to add enemies as needed. 

The number of enemies cannot be added if the Max Enemies To Pool amount has been met.

  • Now you are good to go with this setup. Adjust the options as needed.