Spawn Point Creation

Version 2.0

The Spawn Point Creation section provides the options to create the spawn points to use in DaW Spawning System.

1. Spawn Point Name
Use to give a name to the spawn point that is going to be created. 

Numbers or other characters cannot be used in the field when naming the spawn point.

2. Spawn Point Type
Use to select from the type of spawn point that is going to be create. There are 2 types:

Random - These spawn points allow any enemy prefab to be spawned to it
Static - These spawn points only allow a specific enemy prefab to be spawned to it

3. Create Spawn Point Button
Click to add a new spawn point to the Spawn Points pool with the attributes selected.

4. Spawn Points Foldout/Purge Button
The Spawn Point foldout holds all the created spawn points and provides the total number of spawn points created. The PURGE button is used to clear the Spawn Point list of all the created spawn points to start over.

5. The Spawn Point Slot
This is the spawn point that was created. Each spawn point is given a number before it's designated name and also a "Random" or "Static" string based on it's Spawn Point Type. There are also 2 buttons for each Spawn Point Slot:

Delete - Remove the spawn point slot
Select - Reveal the Spawn Point game object in the Hierarchy Window.

6. Enemy Allow Static Field
This field is only for the Static Spawn Points and is where a specific prefab must be added to allow only that prefab to spawn at that Static Spawn Point.