GAC (Great Animation Combos) System

Want to create an action game that allows you to perform combos? The GAC (Great Animation Combos) System is created just for that. Create 3D/2D games that seamlessly provides cool combo sequences to your players. This asset comes packed with features to get your games up and running (and combo-ing) with a few clicks and minimal coding.

Feature List - Version 1.8
  • NEW! Context Variables- Use context variables to add conditions to Combos and Activators for limitless combo creations
  • NEW! Target Tracker Hit Detections- Use the tracker to have game objects react to hits with different animations and movements
  • NEW! Unity Physics Compatible- Use Unity's physics system in conjunction with GAC with 3 different component modes
  • InControl Support- Use InControls powerful and easy to use multi-platform input setups with GAC
  • uScript Support- Use uScripts nodes to build your combos
  • Touch Activators- Use touch gestures to trigger combo animations, great workflow with the companion TAG (Touch Areas GUI) Window
  • Mobile Support - Support for building to mobile devices using the new Touch Gestures (Android and iOS Tested)
  • Unity2D Compatible- Select a Game Mode to build in 3D or 2D officially supporting Unity Sprites that work with Mecanim
  • Sequence-Activators- Activate inputs in a sequence that trigger animations (eg. Down>Forward>P) for advanced combo creations
  • Synchro-Activators- Combine inputs to trigger simulataneously (eg. A+S pressed together) for advanced combo creations
  • Playmaker Support- GAC comes with Playmaker Actions for your FSMs
  • Multiplayer Support- Setup multiplayer gameplay by calling GAC on specific gameobjects
  • Delayed Animations- Create combos that link into animations when input event is delayed (eg. A, A...(wait)...A)
  • Mecanim Support- Add your animation states to use for combos. GAC plays well with states setup for other uses (Idle, Run etc)
  • Animation Blending- Choose to play animation normally or blend with crossfading
  • Activator Setup Menu- Scripting basic events not required, do activator input setups through the inspector
  • Animation Linking - Combine your attack animations to create cool combos
  • Hit Detections (Calculates the distance and angle)
  • Affect Specific Gameobject Layers - Customize what your animations can affect
  • Preview Animation Combo Setups with the inituitive GAC-PAC (Preview Animation Combos) Window
  • Best of all, Full Source Code Access


Overview Video:

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