Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ASE 3.0 Release + Reap Update!

Hello all,

I'm back after a long stretch of no posts. I just want to give an update on the new release of ASE 3 on the Unity3D Asset Store. This update has become one of my favorite assets to speed up production of Reap! I have added a lot of new features while developing Reap! which I hope other people find helpful; quite a few of people already have given ASE 3 a go. If you hate setting animation speeds blindly, this is an asset for you.

Besides ASE 3, I have been continually working on Reap! Building levels using the amazing Rotorz Tile System. I will show them off later. I also have been recreating Reap!'s combo system to be universal across multiple projects. Look for that coming soon; it has become pretty awesome. I am finishing up some more code for the asset. It has went through an extensive gruesome 2 week bug test and it's finally over and almost ready for primetime :)

See you soon.

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