Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apologies + DaW Asset Store!


Sorry for the long spread of no updates, was quite busy with project problems (I actually had to redo a lot of stuff). I realize that I am not able to update the blog as I promised, so I can't make that promise again. But I have some new info on another project I worked on while developing Reap! I have launched a new asset on the Unity3d Asset Store called DaW (Direct-a-Wave). This is an enemy wave spawning system that Reap! uses to control waves of enemies. It started off as a bare-bones system but I have put in a lot of work to make it accessible for other projects. Also I've been slowly continuing to transfer my code into uScript Visual Graphs which is another learning process that I am enjoying; its a very powerful system.

Until next time, hopefully more early than 2 months. ;)

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